Need a VPS with two interfaces


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You need a VPN with two interfaces:

eth0 IPv4 + IPv6 / 64
eth1 IPv6 / 64
RAM: 1-2 Gb

CPU: 1-2 cores

Location: US or Europe

Traffic: from 1 Tb per month

OS: Debian 10

Prices and links write in the subject line or in a personal. If possible, along with the proposal, give a test IP for measuring ping.


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When reconfiguring on a bridge, eth0 falls off entirely.
Why? Nothing should fall off if you set it up right away. In any case, all modern VPSs have VNC access, even if the network goes down, there is no problem to log in and reconfigure.


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I'm looking for a cheap VPS, but getting a free VPS for 6 months would be even better. I'm a beginner photographer, and I have a lot of material that I keep in a safe place; as you can imagine, I can't afford an expensive VPS hosting plan, so your help would be helpful. A friend of mine advised me, but I'm not sure about it. Guys, if anyone is willing to help me and knows a good VPS hosting plan that I can afford, leave me a message; I would appreciate it.
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