Need a VPS with two interfaces


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You need a VPN with two interfaces:

eth0 IPv4 + IPv6 / 64
eth1 IPv6 / 64
RAM: 1-2 Gb

CPU: 1-2 cores

Location: US or Europe

Traffic: from 1 Tb per month

OS: Debian 10

Prices and links write in the subject line or in a personal. If possible, along with the proposal, give a test IP for measuring ping.
I'm looking for a cheap VPS, but getting a free VPS for 6 months would be even better. I'm a beginner photographer, and I have a lot of material that I keep in a safe place; as you can imagine, I can't afford an expensive VPS hosting plan, so your help would be helpful. A friend of mine advised me, but I'm not sure about it. Guys, if anyone is willing to help me and knows a good VPS hosting plan that I can afford, leave me a message; I would appreciate it.
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