Neural networks to help SEO specialists: how DeepCaptcha automatically solves captchas


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DeepCaptcha is a service developed using machine learning technologies. It will simplify and speed up the work of SEO specialists, webmasters, marketing agencies and users of large search engine scraping services.


When analyzing streaming results, parsing large amounts of information, monitoring the uniqueness of texts, taking positions, searching for marketing insights, viewing the effectiveness of marketing work, we, the Big Data SEO team, try to optimize the processes as much as possible. Google recognizes automated actions and tries to protect the system from robotic attacks by throwing out a captcha. Captcha, in turn, significantly slows down the work: for example, solving one picture takes about 30 seconds, and when parsing 10 thousand pages, up to 1000 captchas pop up. An SEO specialist could spend a whole working day solving a captcha.