One Dash Telegram


Software for promoting a Telegram channel, sending messages, cheating subscribers and views.
An inviter, spam bot, parser and account creator are available. The best solution for Telegram promotion!

Telegram messaging software
In modern Runet, the mass mailing of telegram messages is considered one of the most effective ways to build a dialogue with the target audience. It helps: find your consumer, attract his attention, give him food for thought in the form of fresh content, turn him from “interested” into “loyal”, sell him a product, build trust with the expectation of future fruitful cooperation.

The OneDash telegram mailing program is one of the universal multitasking methods for setting up an advertising campaign in the messenger by Durov. It includes:

  • Parser Target audience from various channels;
  • automatic user registrar with a convenient account manager;
  • own bot for sending in a telegram;
  • inviter of network users;
  • advanced answering machine;
  • means of simulating user activity on the channel.

The application is accompanied by instructions and a video guide from the developer on how to send mailing messages via telegrams. The presence of accompanying material significantly helps to master this software, simplifies acquaintance with it, allows even a beginner to understand the available functionality.

Spam bot Telegram
The need to advertise in one of the most popular runet messengers makes business owners look for options on how to make telegram spam. This function can be used for mass mailing of advertising by the organizing company itself, as well as for black PR of its competitors.

The telegram spam bot performs targeted sending of messages with text and / or graphic content of an advertising and informational nature at the highest possible speed. According to the pre-specified list of active contacts, you can deliver up to 300 text msg per minute.

Everyone who has installed One Dash on their personal computer or mobile device can send spam to the channel in telegrams, in general chats with any number of participants, as well as in private messages of individual users. Due to the complete automation of the process, such an activity is low-cost, but it allows you to quickly notify a large audience. It may be relevant in case of changes in the work of the company, the announcement of global discounts, sales, the arrival of a new product, etc.

By spamming chats and telegram groups using the VanDash software solution, the likelihood of the company being blacklisted by the messenger is reduced, since the software works on the principle of human-like emulation and minimizes suspicions from spam filters.

One Dash Telegram has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system