Parser for SEO professionals


This is a universal parser that uses automatic captcha bypass using


A-Parser is the only truly multithreaded parser supporting over 10,000 threads. It parses everything an SEO specialist needs: search engines, site evaluation services, keywords, content (text, links, arbitrary data) of any services (youtube, pictures, translator ...) and sites.
A detailed description can be found on the official website
A-Parser supports the captcha recognition service, which makes it a universal parser that can work without human intervention. In addition, A-Parser collects the results into a unified database, so it can parse and perform post-processing of the data measurement area.
  • SEO-optimization of websites and Web-analytics
    • The collection link databases for XRumer, A-Poster, AllSubmitter, ZennoPoster, and many more!
    • Rating websites and domains across the specified parameters
    • Monitoring the position of numerous websites across multiple search engines
    • Collection of text, images and video content for generating gateway websites (doorways)
    • Backlink monitoring
    • Collecting information from websites (e.g. phone/emails, forum messages, adverts...)
    • Obtaining and assessing keywords
    • Collecting and compiling backlink lists
    • ..and much more!
  • Web security
    • Obtaining and filtering link databases by footprints
    • Determination of website CMS
    • Formation of arbitrary GET and POST requests with simultaneous answer filtration
  • Network administration
    • DNS - resolving domains to IP addresses
    • WHOIS - obtaining domain name-servers and the dates when each domain was registered and becomes available