Parsing the search results of Google



Parsing the search results of Google while bypassing CAPTCHA using the service is a complex task that requires the use of specialized tools and services. One such service that provides CAPTCHA solving solutions is 2Captcha.

2Captcha is a service specifically designed for CAPTCHA solving. It offers an API that allows you to automatically send CAPTCHA for recognition and receive the solution in return. By utilizing this service, you can bypass CAPTCHA while parsing the Google search results.

Here are the steps to follow for parsing the Google search results using 2Captcha:
  1. Register on and obtain an API key.
  2. Write a script or program that sends requests to the Google search engine and retrieves the search results. You can use the Google Custom Search API or other appropriate methods.
  3. When your script encounters a CAPTCHA, send the CAPTCHA image to the 2Captcha service using their API. To do this, send a POST request to the URL with parameters that include your API key and the CAPTCHA image itself.
  4. Obtain the task ID from the response of the previous request.
  5. Periodically send requests to with parameters that include your API key and the task ID to check the status of the CAPTCHA solution.
  6. Once the CAPTCHA is successfully recognized, retrieve the text-based solution from the response of the previous request.
  7. Insert the text-based CAPTCHA solution into your script or program to pass the CAPTCHA and continue parsing the search results.
It's important to note that using third-party services to bypass CAPTCHA may be restricted by the rules set by Google. Companies like Google may take measures to prevent automated parsing and CAPTCHA bypass. Therefore, it's recommended to familiarize yourself with the terms of service of Google and ensure that you comply with their rules.