Passive income from ReCaptcha v3 on 2captcha


1644226862263.png provides a ReCaptcha v3 recognition service. A certain amount of PCs is needed to do that. This article is for those of you who wants to have a passive income resolving ReCaptcha v3. There will be an updated article for those of you who needs to bypass ReCaptcha v3 as a Customer, stay turned.

I’m ready, please guide me!
If you don’t have a 2captcha account yet, you’ll need to create it first.
Then you will need to install our Chrome extension. For obvious reasons we decided NOT to publish it in Google extension store so you’ll have to install it manually. We have a detailed guide available here.
After installation you’ll have to indicate your Client key. You can find it on your Dashboard. Please note there is a difference between a Worker’s Client key and an API key for Customers, which you may find on the same page if you switch your role to Customer. You may find a switch on right top side of the page, make sure you are in a correct mode which in case you need a passive income is Worker.

How to earn more?
1. You get more PCs! You are free to install an extension on unlimited amount of computers, just make sure they have different external IP addresses. You may install several extensions in one local network, but only one will actually work. A record holder at the time of writing this article is a worker with 12670 PCs in different data centers!
2. You have to create a real activity in a browser with installed extension. You need that because ReCaptcha v3 algorithm decides are you a human or a robot based on your activity. If your browser is used only for automation, v3 will see that and you will not be able to bypass v3. What will certainly help to improve your score: Windows 10, latest Google Chrome browser, regular search requests, web browsing, different web services authorisations, gmail account login would help too, but don’t abuse that too much. If you log in using same gmail account on 100+ machines, that will likely to decrease a score on all of them (we are not 100% sure about that though). For Example: a worker who started 12000 personal computers with our extension will earn approximately 1.1 cents daily on each PC, while a worker who runs the extension on his own browser will earn 5 cents during 8-9 hours of activity.
3. Get rid of hosts with score of -10 and less. You may try to delete all cookies and change an IP address to get a better score so watch the score!

How tasks are distributed?
We distribute tasks evenly for all workers. But it’s a little bit more complicated.
Every customer who wants to bypass ReCaptcha v3 has its own Allow list and Deny list. How it works: when customer reports that worker’s solution was in fact accepted by a website he solves this captcha for (reportgood), this worker will be added to his allow list. He will therefor likely to receive tasks from this customer again. If a customer sends a report that a solution wasn’t accepted (reportbad), then this worker will be added to deny list and unlikely to receive any tasks from this customer ever again.
There is a metric called a Score, which indicates how frequently this PC provides a working solutions for customers. Score value could vary from -20 to 21. Score -5 means this PC will receive less tasks than others, Score -10 means this PC will unlikely to receive any tasks. We distinguish different machines by IP addresses so if a PC changes its IP a Score will be reseted too. It will also be erased from Allowlists and Denylists.

Is there a convenient interface with statistics of different PC?
Yes, we have one here here.
It has following information: how many captcha was solved and how much funds earned by different computers, how long was it working today and its online status. Data is updated every 10 minutes.

What is prohibited?
1. You are not allowed to run IP changing scripts. We do realise that each PC could and will eventually change its IP address. But if you abuse that too much this PC will not receive any captcha tasks and might be blocked forever.
2. You are not allowed to work via proxy server.
3. You are obviously not allowed to cheat and do something that will lead to a bad solutions generation. You are not allowed to cheat a queue for getting captcha tasks (unless you do your best to keep that Score high) or anything that will lead to our material losses. If you find a bug or a way to earn more funds you should ask us about it first and only use it If allowed.