Payouts to Bitcoin



You can change wallet on the page

Payment methods: (min. 30 $) - payment will go to your wallet in BTC
Uphold (min. 30 $) - payment will be in US dollars
Coinbase (min. 30 $) - payment will be in BTC

This means that now:
You can now change the payment method by clicking "Change" on this page: and request payment with the new methods.

You can transfer funds to another account to reach the minimum withdrawal amount faster on this page:

Minimum payout from Bitcoin is $30.

Fee: 0% BTC

Payment takes 1-3 work days.

Important: do not contact us about it unless your payment takes longer than 3 work days (Monday-Friday). If you contact us before that your payment will be put in the end of the queue. Please respect our time – we need it to provide the best quality of support to all our workers.


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Despite the fact that P2P crypto-exchanges may seem more complicated than traditional exchanges, the greatest preference is given to the former. But I don't understand why if there are such difficulties and limitations for withdrawal of funds. If I have an account with mining Moon Bitcoins for free and I want to withdraw bitcoins to my personal account or perform a transaction with them, why only three days? I have used fork but I chose it very reluctantly, using the code base of a software project as a startup for another one. It's quite difficult, but for the sake of profit I found more or less suitable. Also interested in the possibility of working with liquid living money.
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