Please help me to resolve the Funcaptcha of outlook


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I am trying to decode the captcha of Arkose Labs (FunCaptcha) with a token when doing registration at
- Everything is fine, i got token from 2captcha which looks like:
- Then I change the value of element with [id='FunCaptcha-Token'][name='fc-token'] to the value of the token above:
document.getElementById("FunCaptcha-Token").value = "token solved";
- Problem here, Outlook doesn't have any submit buttons visible. I really have no way to go to the next step. Can someone please help me :(
I tried it with the blue done button but it doesn't work.
For testing:
- For example a captcha with submit button:
With the example site above, I have done it successfully without any problems.
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Mark Miller

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FunCaptcha has onCompleted function that can be attached to an enforcement instance, more info:

So in your case I'm pretty sure that the token is passed to such javascript function that does the job.
You just need to explore the website javascript code, find the setupEnforcement call and onCompleted function definition.
Then you should execute the same javascript code and that's it. But that requires some javascript skills.
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Daniyal javeed

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Hi there to solve the capcha some script is here try it out
function onSubmit(token) {



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Read this article. It's work for me.
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