A python3 bot which collects daily login points from warmane.com. It supports multiple accounts, can run chrome in headless mode and solve recaptchas automatically in the background.

Please make sure that you've signed into the game at least once the day you're running this.

💻 Install
Install using docker or Pipenv

🐍 Via pipenv
# Clone the repository & cd into it pipenv install

You can also install this bot as a library using pipenv install warmane_point_collector.

🐳 Via docker
Build the image once.

# Clone the repository & cd into it docker build -t warmane_point_collector .

then run it using:

# Clone the repository & cd into it docker run -t warmane_point_collector

🚀 Usage
pipenv run python3 warmane.py # or pipenv shell python3 warmane.py

🔩 Config
Rename the provided config.ini.sample to config.ini and edit it in place.
# Whether or not to solve captchas using 2captcha.com — Account required
use_2captcha = 0

# Warmane website configs
endpoint_url = https://www.warmane.com
login_url = %(endpoint_url)s/account/login
collect_points_url = %(endpoint_url)s/account

# 2captcha configuration

# You can override 2captcha endpoints here.
request_url = http://2captcha.com/in.php
solver_url = http://2captcha.com/res.php?key=%(api_key)s&action=get&id={req_id}&json=1

# Whether or not to run chrome in headless mode (e.g. without a window)
headless = 1
# if testing is 1 this will slowdown each chrome action by 10 seconds.
testing = 0
# set the chrome path.
# do note that pyppeteer bundles chromium but I had troubles with that.
# You can change main.py and remove the "executablePath" setting from the launch() call.
# Then pyppeteer will use the bundled chromium instead.

# for website navigational purposes
username_field = [name='userID']
password_field = [name='userPW']
submit_btn = .wm-ui-position-abottom [type='submit']
recaptcha_iframe = #loginWidget iframe[role='presentation']

my_current_points = body table .myCoins
my_current_coins = body table .myPoints
collect_points_btn = a[data-click='collectpoints']

# your warmane accounts
username = YOUR_USERNAME
password = YOUR_PASSWORD

# you can add as many accounts as you want as long as you prefix each section with account_.
# see below:
#username = ""
#password = ""
#username = ""
#password = ""

#username = ""
#password = ""

👀 Recaptcha Bypass
To bypass the recaptcha you have to add a 2captcha.com API key in the config file.

🤓 Solve Recaptcha manually
If you do not want to use 2captcha.com you can also manually solve the captchas. The bot will automatically fill in all credentials and will wait for you to solve the captcha. Once you solve the captcha the bot will continue and collect your points.

Do note that manual captcha solving is only possible then running the bot in non-headless mode. Set headless = 0 in your config.ini file.

Documentation https://githubmemory.com/repo/posixpascal/warmane_point_collector