Fluder Vkontakte is a powerful tool for flooding a specific user. How it works: Accounts are loaded (the more, the better), the ID of the desired user is entered (it is important that when flooding to the wall - the wall is open for all users to write new messages, in LAN - the same thing).

The text is entered, the Antigate key (bypass captcha). Then a message is randomly sent from the accounts to the wall or in the LAN or in the commentary of the desired post. It is more effective to send to the wall, since it is more difficult to remove. How it can be used is up to you. For example, good for trolling friends. For the software to work, you must have installed Net Framework 4.5 and an OS not lower than Windows 7. This software is for entertainment purposes only! The developers are not responsible for the use of this software! Also, we are not responsible for the performance of the software if you downloaded it not from the official page on openssource!

The main functions of the program:
  • Sending messages to the LAN;
  • Sending messages to the wall;
  • Writing comments (hard flooding) under any post with open comments.

Two main advantages:
  • Using a proxy;
  • Using Antigate to bypass captcha ($ 0.7 per 1000 images).
Read the documentation file before using the software.

POWERFUL FLUDER VKONTAKTE has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com