Problem to call Hcaptcha callback function


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I come to see you because I have been blocking for a week to send the hcaptcha response to Google.

To put it in context, I'm developing a web automation program in Python with Selenium at website.
The captcha is at the end of the forms and should activate the "Finish your order" button

I manage to retrieve the response to the hcaptcha sent by 2 captcha, then put it in the h-captcha textbox. But impossible to send it.

According to the hcaptcha documentation, the callback function is called in the POST request. I have bein found this function, it is hcaptchaOnLoad:

I also found the index.js file where the hcaptcha function is defined and where hcaptchaOnLoad is called.
// Generate hCaptcha API Script
var CaptchaScript = function CaptchaScript(hl, reCaptchaCompat) {
  // Create global onload callback
  window.hcaptchaOnLoad = function () {
    // Iterate over onload listeners, call each listener
    onLoadListeners = onLoadListeners.filter(function (listener) {
      return false;

I enclose the tests that I was able to do in the Chrome console and Firefox as well as my 2captcha code.





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@Artem Are you able to use javascript for a given call back back function and pass the hcaptcha caoorectly (without the plugin)?. If so can you post the code here?
I maybe able to write javascript to get the changing code. We can probably help each other.