Proxy server to bypass ReCaptcha V2


Is it important to use a proxy server to bypass ReCaptcha V2? Or from the same IP address from which you load the page will it be ok?
Using proxies is not obligatory at the moment but in future algorithms of ReCaptcha and FunCaptcha can be changed and it will be required.
And even now some websites check IP address used for solving ReCaptcha V2. So we recommend you to be ready for these changes.

If you send us the proxy, we check it's availability trying to open the website through you proxy, and if we can't do that we will not use your proxy.
If we're able to use your proxy - we'll load the ReCaptcha through it for solving.

We don't have our own proxy servers that we can offer to you so you have to use 3rd-party services or setup your own proxy.

We support the following proxy types: SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP, HTTPS with authentication by IP address or login and password.

If your proxy uses IP authentication you have to add our IP addresses to the list of allowed IPs of the proxy:

Then provide your proxy IP address and port as a value for proxy parameter.
And the type of your proxy as a value for proxytype parameter.

If your proxy uses login/password authentication you have to include your credentials in proxy parameter.