Puppeteer plugin to solve reCAPTCHAs automatically


A puppeteer-extra plugin to solve reCAPTCHAs automatically.


These days captchas are unfortunately everywhere, with reCAPTCHA having the biggest "market share" in that space (> 80%). The situation got really bad, with privacy minded users (tracking blocker, VPNs) being penalized heavily and having to solve a lot of reCAPTCHA challenges constantly while browsing the web.

The stated reasons for this omnipresent captcha plague vary from site owners having to protect themselves against increasingly malicious actors to some believing that we're essentially forced into free labour to train Google's various machine learning endeavours.

In any case I strongly feel that captchas in their current form have failed. They're a much bigger obstacle and annoyance to humans than to robots, which renders them useless. My anarchist contribution to this discussion is to demonstrate this absurdity, with a plugin for robots with which a single line of code is all it takes to bypass reCAPTCHAs on any site.

Currently the only builtin solution provider as it's the cheapest and most reliable, from my experience.
  • Cost: 1000 reCAPTCHAs (and hCaptchas) for 3 USD
  • Delay: Solving a reCAPTCHA takes between 10 to 60 seconds
  • Error rate (incorrect solutions): Very rare
The main documentation can be found here.