PVBot - Paidverts AutoClicker



PVBot Will Autoclick the Ads and Grid squares at Paidverts

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V1.6 ~ NEW

Click Grid added (Random selection)
New Manual captcha windows with Refresh
More Captcha services added (Including 2Captcha and Antigate)
Updated - now able to solve reCaptcha
New Settings panel
New Captcha services panel
Bug Fix - Does not need to be full screen anymore
New UI design
Major code re-build and optimisations

Auto login and not if already logged in
Save login details via "Settings" menu
Retry if failed login
Use captcha services for login if selected or manual if not
- 2Captcha
- AntiGate
- Deathbycaptcha
- Decaptcher
- Bypass Captcha
- GSA Captcha Breaker
- Captcha Sniper

Auto click the ads on the ad page
Select RANDOM ClickGrid Ads and complete
Retry failed ads
Check balance after successful ad click
Show running status of PVBot
Detect ads already viewed
User Controlled Random wait between ad searches
Notify of updates

PVBot has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com