Python Requests: Cannot get post cookies


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I'm trying to login to a website which uses recaptcha 2.0. The login is a bit secure but i managed to pass the checks so far. Basically except captcha and post data it needs an hidden csrf token input and a cookie csrf token, both are needed or it will show a 404. Now i managed to get those, i'm sending a post request as below

This is the variable which holds a cookie grabbed on the first visit of webpage

Been since last night trying to resolve this issue, when i try to send the data on the second request no cookie comes back

{'a': '1', 'b': '2', 'c': '3', '__cfduid': 'dfe11fd58412a09b347fcfcc2601584845857460'}

Now to the actual code:
formData = {
            'utf8': '✓',
            'authenticity_token': 'xxx'
            'bb_user[email]': _BBEMAIL,
            'bb_user[password]': _BBPASS,
            'g-recaptcha-response': captcha,
            'bb_user[remember_me]': '1'

cookie = "cookie variable above" #just an edit
            rp =, headers=headers, data=formData, allow_redirects=False, cookies=cookie, verify=False, timeout=10)
            cookie_dict = dict(rp.cookies)
            with open(_FILE_PATH, 'w') as f:
            return True
        except Exception, e:
            print '===============login==============',e
            return False

Im trying to save the cookies for later use by saving them into a file but all i get in the file is {} Im using 2captcha api to solve the captcha code Also i know there are similar questions here but no solution seems to work