Quick Sender



Quick Sender is a program for promotion in the social network VKontakte. Allows you to send mailing to discussions, group walls, comments or friends on VKontakte. In addition, the program allows you to parse information from groups, judgments or friends of VKontakte.
Detailed description of the program's functionality:

Target audience search
- We propose a mechanism that allows you to select from the entire available audience only that part that meets the specified criteria (target audience).

Search by criteria:
- age sex
- Country city
- filter by the number of participants
- users
- public groups
- discussions
- video

- Function to search for groups with open walls with discussion comments.
- Selection of people from communities by criteria (country, city, age, gender).
- Compilation of a mailing list.

Bulk mailing
- Automated mailing according to the compiled list - community users in private messages or on the wall with attached photo / audio / video + text.
- Selective mailing to users from the community.
- Mailing to groups and publics (with attached photo / audio / video + text):
- on the wall
- in discussion
- in the comments
- in the comments to the video
- by photo
Emulation of user actions, which avoids the ban.
- All processes are automated!
- You only extract targeted traffic!
- You can go about your business while the program is running.

Community promotion
- Boosting Vkontakte subscribers is an opportunity to quickly increase the popularity of the project and increase your income.
- Cheat reposts on Vkontakte - Do you want to finally seriously declare yourself on social networks?
What would millions of people know about any of your material?
--- Reposts are a universal advertising tool.
--- Boosting Vkontakte likes is an easy way to draw attention to your photos, videos, comments or posts.
--- You can also increase the popularity of the page group by sending advertising messages with a link to your group, as described in the Bulk mailing section.

Additional functions:
- Antiban function of the Vkontakte account.
- Account checker.
- Setting the delay between sending messages.
- Randomized text / media files (load up to 10 different text messages into the program at once and the program sends them in turn so that Vkontakte does not block you)
- Automatic captcha input to save your time.
- Proxy server support.

Quick Sender has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com