Important update: This page contains our traditional algorithm for solving recaptcha V2. If this for some reason doesn't suit your purposes we hava a new alternative algorithm without the need for browser emulation.
Here you can find all the additional details and a step-by-step instruction on how to use the new method.

Main difference between our methods is the need to send your captcha images to us in the traditional method and workers solving your captchas directly at the site right where you need them to. After the latest update a lot of the captchas at larger and more popular sites can be solved only with the second method which also features 100% accuracy.

ReCaptcha Traditional method

Our service supports recognition of the new ReCaptcha v2 (ASIRA), where you put a tick and choose the image.
We support 9 and 16 boxes captchas e.g. 3x3 and 4x4 google recaptchas.

Scheme of work:
1) You put a tick.
2) Get the picture + instructions.
3) Send us a picture + instructions.
4) Receive captcha ID from us.
5) After 5 seconds, apply for the captcha's answer.
6) We return numerical sequens of the images you need to click to solve the captcha.
7) Click on the specified images.

Captcha is sent same as conventional CAPTCHAs (see Our API), but with additional fields

Captcha 9 \ 16 squares + Send text instructions with extra options:
Where %TEXT% - text that you must specify (road signs, trees, gift, sign, etc.)

Captcha 9 \ 16 squares + Send image instructions in image "file"
Where "img" is picture instructions. It can send multipart or base64

2Captcha workers are human so they choose the right images to click on and you get the following response:

Requirements displayed in a CAPTCHA, and sample text:
-CAPTCHA itself must be either 300x300px, or 600x600px, or 632x632px
-Captchas size must be normal size, at image 300х300 we impuse grid 9 squares, at image 600х600 or 632x632px we impuse grid 16 squares
-CAPTCHA should be less than 100 KB
-textinstructions I should come in the coding UTF-8
-textinstructions should contain only the, you need to select displayed in a CAPTCHA
-imginstruction should not be more than 100x100px
-imginstruction It must be less than 25 KB