Recognition service 2captcha


Administrator is a service made to automate the captcha recognition process.
All captchas are recognized by humans, our workers, that's why can recognize all humanly readable types of captchas. Our service is fully automated so you configure your software once and then you can forget about captcha solving and return back only to top up your balance.

How the recognition process works:

Service capabilities
Our service uses hand work from a large pool of people for recognition and can recognize any humanly readable captcha that can be recognized by a human. Additionally, the service can recognize not only text captcha but any graphical captcha like ReCaptcha V2, Asirra, FunCaptcha and others.


We don't offer discounts, promos or subscriptions. You can top up your balance with any amount starting from $1 and use the lowest rate. Doesn't matter how many captchas you send one per month or 100,000 per day. Our rates and conditions are the same for all customers.
Note: if you spend more than $2000 per day during a month and you're not a referral of other user and don't use any software from our catalog then you can send a support ticket and we can offer a discount for you.