Mass auto-registrar of accounts with binding phone numbers in social networks from zumm and!

In activation mode, it unfreezes VK accounts in 16 threads!

Support has already appeared:
- Social network "Odnoklassniki"
- Social network VKontakte"
- Social network "Mamba"
- Social network "4Game"
- Social network "Facebook"
- Financial network "SEOsprint" New

Activation services:
- New

- Multi-threaded work
- - regHound allows you to simultaneously register and activate accounts in 16 streams
- Possibility of separate registration
- - accounts can be registered without SMS activation
- Possibility of separate activation
- - you can activate already existing accounts
- Ability to unlock
- - blocked accounts? No problem! regHound will easily revive them
- Possibility of filling
- - do you need to fill your account with information? Easily! The program can upload the photo itself and set the status
- Support for Turing tests
- - now social. networks won't be saved even with the help of captcha. regHound allows you to solve it manually or through the service
- Support for Proxy sheets
- - you will be able to use your list of Proxy servers, which will avoid being banned by IP
- Wide variety of Proxy types
- - Support for HTTP, HTTPS, Socks4, Socks5 and their variants with authorization
- Uniqueness of HTTP headers for each account
- - regHound with each new registration is disguised for different browsers, which will avoid being banned by UserAgent
- SSL support
- - even the use of secure protocols by the social. network will not be able to stop registration
- Automatic SMS activation using SMS-AREA API or SMS-REG API
- - the binding of accounts to numbers can occur automatically - the service or will be used
- Manual SMS activation
- - if you have a list of your numbers and want to use it to register accounts - regHound will not refuse you
- Number waiting function
- - you can put the program in standby mode and the accounts will be registered even if has problems with the availability of numbers
- Support for temporary mail services
- - do not have your own mailboxes? regHound will create them for you using one of the temporary mail services!
- Built-in Proxy checker
- - regHound checks the proxy itself before starting work
- Quality Support
- - did you have any questions while working with the program? you can get answers to them almost around the clock
- Subtle, well-documented, program customization
- - you can configure almost all parameters of registered accounts

regHound has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system