Remove non-unique news section of the site for optimization purposes


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Hello. Once upon a time, my site ceased to be top-ranked in Google. At the end of last year, the same problem befell other search engines. The site is old, for a long time it successfully competed with the leaders of the topic. All basic and obvious measures to accelerate, improve usability, functionality, etc. completed, I see no problem. All main content is unique to the extent that a collection of songs with chords can be unique (lyrics are not unique, chords are not copy-paste, but high-quality material). But even if we manage to prepare first of all our high-quality selection of chords, after it is copied to all other sites, the site drops in the search results - and not only under the yoke of leaders, but sometimes even less trustworthy sites.

If someone has any ideas regarding the site, I will be glad if you share them. There are also a couple of specific questions on which your opinion interests:

1. There is a news section on the site - it is not in great demand, but it does not bother anyone either, it is reluctant to delete it unnecessarily. But this section consists of non-unique news, collected by the parsing method. News is added much more often than the main content, so we can say that most of the site's pages are non-unique news. Is it wise to delete this section in the hope that it will have a positive impact on the ranking of the PS?

2. Each song has 3 indexed versions - guitar chords, ukulele chords and lyrics. In general, this division is good for people - it is convenient; and in general, search engines also give suitable pages when requested (although not always). Dot as an experiment, I tried to remove 2 "conditional" takes from the index for some songs - the lyrics and chords for the ukulele - did not help. Is it wise to remove all natural duplicates from the index? On the one hand, I understand that for the conditional query "cuckoo chords" - PS will choose one of two pages, and in general may lower them in the search results. But on the other hand, being guided by the principle "for people", it is unwise to remove them. I ask for your opinion.

Thank you!