Reporting answers on


Reporting answers is not required to solve capthcas. But it can help you to cut expenses and increase the accuracy. We described why it is important to report answers in our blog.
We recommend to report both correct and incorrect asnwers for all types of captchas.
If the answer is not accepted by target website use reportbad method to inform us about that. The answer will be rechecked and you will receive a refund for incorrect answer.
If the answer was accepted successfully use reportgood method to indicate that. That will allow us to increase the accuracy for future requests.

Important: don't try to report correct answers with reportbad. If you will do that then we will block this method for your account.

Reports for captchas with token like ReCaptcha V2/V3, KeyCaptcha, FunCaptcha are not visible in the user interface or the dashboard. But we gather the statistics on these reports to increase the success rate for these captchas.

Request examples:


Server will return OK_REPORT_RECORDED response to your request. Or an error code if something went wrong.

If you're getting too many incorrectly solved captchas you may provide additional parameters with your captcha to help wokers to solve it correctly.