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Thanks for creating the topic as I requested. (y)

I have known this site since 2014-10-08. And I'll tell you honestly: this is a consistently paying site (at least for now). Moreover, an important fact is that payments are made in a matter of minutes. I'm not saying that everything is absolutely perfect, but until now there has been only one glitch lasting one night.

About payment. Of course they don't pay much. In truth, earnings depend on: your Internet connection, server load, and of course the time of day. On average, you can earn from 1 to 10 dollars per day without getting out of your computer. The first withdrawal is limited to the minimum amount. Of course, there is an affiliate program in the amount of 10%. So everyone can write in a personal message. I scored the first minimum within three days. This does not mean that you can spend 2 hours a day collecting this amount in three days. Here you have to waste your time. You say little. But, excuse me, who will pay a handyman at a construction site a lot of money on the first day of work. And who told you that on the Internet unskilled workers will be paid commensurate salaries?


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I started using the 2Captcha app about a year ago. The work itself is not difficult, click the pictures and get a small reward for it. It was convenient for me to use this type of earnings on the way to work. I went to the subway and solved captchas at the same time. If the captchas are not very difficult, then for an hour of work I managed to fill $ 0.5. This is quite a bit, but time flew by quickly and plus some monetary gain.