Live visualization of all the Pokémon (with option to show gyms, raids and PokéStops) in your area. This is a proof of concept that we can load all the Pokémon visible nearby given a location. Currently runs on a Flask server displaying Google Maps with markers on it.

  • Shows Pokémon, PokéStops, raids and gyms with a clean GUI.
  • Notifications
  • Lure information
  • Multithreaded mode
  • Filters
  • Independent worker threads (many can be used simultaneously to quickly generate a livemap of a huge geographical area)
  • Localization (en, es, fr, pt_br, de, ru, ko, ja, zh_tw, zh_cn, zh_hk)
  • DB storage (mysql) of all found Pokémon
  • Incredibly fast, efficient searching algorithm (compared to everything else available)
RocketMap has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system