Rucaptcha project for Recaptcha 2 (Zennoposter)



Zennoposter for Recaptcha 2 solution on Rucaptcha service.

Now every Zennoposter user can use this project to quickly and easily realize the solution to Recaptcha 2, simply by copying it into his project and saving time and money.

Features of the template:
1) checking for the existence of a task and the need for a solution;
2) high-quality clicks on the buttons & amp; quot; I am not a robot & amp; quot ;, & amp; quot; Confirm & amp; quot;, as well as on pictures;
3) updating captcha in case of employee error;
4) sending the number of rows and columns (supports all types: 3 * 3, 4 * 4, 2 * 4);
5) high-quality saving of the picture for sending to the service;
6) support for solving captcha with an additional selection of images (parameters previousID and can_no_answer = 1 are also supported;
7) support for manually adjusting the time between GET requests for the recognition service to speed up the template.

Do not forget to set the Recaptcha key in the template before running the template.

Rucaptcha project for Recaptcha 2 (Zennoposter) has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system