A module written in Delphi to work with the service

Implemented functionality:
  • Solving regular captcha (simple picture)
  • Solving text captcha (simple text or question)
  • Solving ReCaptcha V2 (captcha from Google with a check mark)
  • Sending a report on an incorrectly solved captcha.
  • Balance request.

Sample code for simple captcha!
SimpleCaptcha.CaptchaKey: = 'Your API Key';
Result: = SimpleCaptcha.Recognize ('Filename', CaptchaId);

// If something went wrong, send a report on the incorrectly solved captcha
// Similarly for all types of captchas
SimpleCaptcha.SendReport (CaptchaId);

Sample code for text captcha!
TextCaptcha.CaptchaKey: = 'Your API Key';
Result: = TextCaptcha.Recognize ('Captcha text', CaptchaId);
Sample code for ReCaptcha!
ReCaptchaV2.CaptchaKey: = 'Your API Key';
Result: = ReCaptchaV2.Recognize (GoogleKey, WebBrowser1.LocationURL, CaptchaId);

Attention! The example for ReCaptchaV2 is a little complicated because you need to get the GoogleKey
How to find a GoogleKey is described here In the example there is a ready-made option for searching GoogleKey and entering the resulting captcha into the validation input field

You can create objects yourself, instead of using the global variables SimpleCaptcha, TextCaptcha, ReCaptchaV2.