Runescape Account Creator



What is Runescape Account Creator?
Runescape Account Creator is an implementation in JavaScript for Node.js that provides the ability to create accounts for the video game RuneScape®.

Install via npm:
npm install runescape-account-creator

The request is Promise based therfore we call .then() in order to access the response once it has been recieved.

First we will build a new AccountCreator instance with our 2Captcha API key
// Import the factory function for the AccountCreator
const { buildAccountCreator } = require('runescape-account-creator')
// Update the API key used to match your API key
const twoCaptchaApiKey = 'YOUR_TWO_CAPTCHA_API_KEY'

const accountCreator = buildAccountCreator(twoCaptchaApiKey)

// Now we can start registering accounts!
accountCreator.register().then(response => {
    // destructure the response
    const { credentials, birthday } = response
    console.log('We made a new account with these credentials:', credentials)
    console.log('The birthday of the account is', birthday)
    console.log('The User-Agent header we sent was:', response.meta.userAgent)
}).catch(error => {

Since we are using Promises, we can make use of async/await if your JavaScript runtime allows for it, or you are using a transpiler that supports code generation for async/await.

// Fat-arrow function
const registerAccount = async creator => await creator.register()

// traditional async function
async function singleRegistration (accountCreator) {
    return await accountCreator.register()

async function serialBatchRegistration (accountCreator) {
    const accounts = []
    for (let i = 1; i <= 10; i++) {
        console.log('Registering account', i)
        // this is where the syntax magic happens
        const { credentials, birthday } = await accountCreator.register()
        console.log(`Account was registered! ${}:${credentials.password} with birthday ${birthday}`)
    return accounts

It is possible to configure the registration/captcha configuration in a couple different ways.

This package automatically tries to use a .env file via the dotenv package. You can copy the default configuration file by running:
cp node_modules/runescape-account-creator/.env.example .env

Or you can copy the contents of .env.example here