Scanned form recognition


2Captcha isn’t only about captcha solving we also can digitize various forms and questionnaires. You can create custom forms which will be completed with information from your image. Suppose you have a huge number of typical questionnaires like this one:
Then you can create a sample form using interface. You select the fields where the answer must be filled, which answers should be selected and which fields are represented with checkboxes. After that you send us these images via our API with the sample form they should fill. Worker receives the form he then fills the answers, selections and checkboxes into.
In response to an uploaded image server issues it an ID with which you can receive an answer in 20-30 seconds. If the answer isn’t ready yet check back in after waiting 1-2 seconds. You can upload images in several streams. Currently our server can recognize approximately 3000 images per minute.

Example of server’s answer to the image above:
num:141070|amiability:5|competence:4|exterior:5|reklam:Reference/Internet/|frequency:Once a year|sex:male|date:16.08.1985

num, amiability, competence – are field names and are specified in the sample form. Answers after colons are workers answers.

Cost of a single recognition is based on the number and type of fields for entry. We are still in the test mode so we can only give you approximate cost – 0,005$ per image from the example above. If you want to use this features in your application contacts us by email: We will provide you with access to the sample form designer and balance for functionality trial.

As of now we also provide a “game” of sorts to test the functionality- you can upload your visit card and receive it decoded in digital form in half a minute.