Script conflict


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Good afternoon! Please help me figure out the script conflict.

The WPBakery Page Builder plugin was updated and now Toggle is not displayed, an extra style appears in their blocks:

<h5 class = "dt-sc-toggle" style = "display: none;"> <a href="#"> Can I buy multiple products in one order? </a> </h5>

If we remove the display: none style; block is displayed.

How do you know which script is applying the extra style?


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Chrome and safari are fine.

In general, to see what kind of script adds attributes - in the developer tools in chrome, in the Elements tab, find the tag of interest, right-click on it, there will be an item break on ... -> attribute modifications - check the box. Refresh the page when some script wants to change the tag attribute (add style = "disaply: none", for example), it will be interrupted and you can see what functions and from which script were called along the chain of calls