Seored (St. Petersburg) recommends using a universal ad promotion program - SellAvi. Its goal is to automate the process of working with goods / ads on the website. The product expands the capabilities of the avito website and takes the work with ads to a new level. SeoRED analytics confirms that the average monthly income from an online store is up to 40%. Automatic download, upload, activation, deletion, work with phones, smart mailing - all these tools are available 24 hours for new Sellavi users!

1. Automatic loading of ads on We reduce the time spent on filling out forms. All products on the site in one evening! More products - more calls!
2. Fast parsing of the store. Need to quickly deal with your competitors? Copy SEO texts to increase store views and bring it to the top of the search avito!
3. Monitoring ads. Do you endlessly need to activate old ads? Now Sellavi will do it for you at the time of day and night you set!
4. Parsing of phone numbers of avito numbers and contacts of organizations, collection of the telephone base by categories and regions.

Features of the full version of the program:
  • Automatic activation of completed ads
  • Built-in Chrome browser to control the program
  • Cloning goods and services from competitors
  • Export and import of products from Avito to Excel in one click
  • Fully automatic uploading of products to the site
  • Working with several personal accounts (multi-user mode)
  • Processing a security code (captcha) in 10 seconds
  • Work with all settlements of Russia
  • Program learning mode - automatic change of product characteristics
  • Work with multiple phone numbers, change IP, support anonymity
  • Console version of the application for working with windows task schedulers
  • Accounting system for posted ads (reporting)
  • Collection of phone numbers from Avito, conversion from picture to text
  • Intuitive and simple interface

SellAvi has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system