Semonitor is a website promotion program. It consists of a set of utilities covering various aspects of the optimization and promotion process. The solutions we offer are easy to use and are successfully applied by both professionals and novice webmasters.

Determination of positions
All Russian search engines are supported. Numerous informative reports allow you to get data in a simple and visual form. The module, if not the most important, then certainly the most popular, because checking positions is a daily task that every optimizer faces. Thousands of webmasters all over Russia use Semonitor every day to determine the positions of their resource in the search engines Yandex, Google, and others.

External links
A program for analyzing external links to your resource. A large number of external links is one of the determining factors for successful promotion in search engines. Semonitor allows you to compile the most complete list of links to your project, track their dynamics (identify new and outdated ones), as well as analyze competitors and search for thematic resources for link exchange.

Site indexing
- a program for checking the indexing of a site by search engines. Before a page can be included in search results for keywords, it must be indexed by search engines. Semonitor allows you to determine all the pages of your site that are present in the index of a particular search engine.

Link exchange
Program for checking affiliate links and managing purchased / sold / exchanged links

Website analyzer
The program searches for broken links and missing images, checks Google PageRank of all pages on the site, generates sitemaps in html and xml formats, provides a detailed report on outgoing links and site structure.

Log analyzer
Designed to analyze log files. Allows you to evaluate the traffic of the resource, search queries, referrers, geography of visitors and much more.

Page Rank Analyzer
Allows to automatically determine Google PageRank, Yandex thematic citation index (TIC), the number of external links and presence in Yandex, DMOZ and Yahoo directories for a given list of web addresses (URL).

Selection of keywords
Using various sources, selects relevant keywords, and also evaluates the level of competition for them.

HTML parser
A program for analyzing the content of html pages. Allows you to determine the weight and density of keywords on the page, search for key phrases and phrases. It can be used both for a preliminary analysis of your own project and for the analysis of competitors.

Working with snippets
Descriptions (snippets) given by search engines for your resource are also very important. An attractive description will make visitors choose your link among others suggested by the search engine. The program allows for the history and analysis of such descriptions.

Using the Semonitor program allows you to automate the process of website promotion, which gives significant time savings when working on a project, and also allows you to achieve better results. Checking a wide variety of information from search engines - starting from positions and ending with the link profile of competitors and drawing up a semantic core - helps to develop the correct and correct strategy for website promotion from the very beginning.

Semonitor has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system