seo hosting what is better


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Hi lads, I'm choosing a best hosting for seo and would be grateful for any advices. Also a question: am I got it right, that hosting does matter in seo?


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I bet you'll find lots of proposals if you'll search for something like hosting seo in Google. But actually what is really matters is page loading speed (which depends on hosting a lot). You also should pay attention to the country in which most of your visitors are located, since page loading speed depends also on distance from your hosting server and your site's user.


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Yep, I agree with Nicole here: there is no such thing as seo web hosting since any hosting might do the trick. So you just compare the prices, location and other conditions (like backups, support, web interface etc.).
Anyway, it's pretty easy to switch to another hosting if something will go not as good as you expected. Just don't pay for the long term untill you check it and ensure that it's the best solution for you.