SEO Test Proves New GoogleBot Is Live


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Valentin Pletzer didn't want to just take Google's word that the new evergreen GoogleBotis live, so he tested it. In short, Google's word was the truth and the new GoogleBot is indeed live.

He basically replicated what DeepCrawl saw when Google was testing the new Googlebot back in April. He said he used the URL Inspection tool in Google Search Console, which showed the old GoogleBot - we know the testing tools are currently not using the new GoogleBot. But then when it pushed GoogleBot to the queue to crawl the page, he saw the new GoogleBot go at it.

URL Inspection tool "Test Live URL" still results in rendering with Chrome 41 shows that Googlebot is not able to access a lot of the modern browser features whereas the request indexing part can (green vs red):

So this is just some real evidence Google is not lying to us, despite the useragent still showing Chrome 41.



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I am still surprised by the GoogleBot sometimes! Back when the new bot was introduced, I could not wait to start using it. At this right moment, it has to be the best web crawler software in the entire web, as I do not see anyone capable of competing with google and their resources. The smartphone Googlebot was another innovation that really surprised me a lot. I really like how they perceive the quora and reddit links. I have read a lot of useful things about it in here, the guy who wrote this article is a true seo specialist!
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