Create accounts on automatically, bypass reCaptcha with API... You must have API to run this script...

Follow all steps carefully in order to run the script...

1st: install Firefox 49.0 or lesser if you don't have...

2nd: open firefox and open below link to install imacros Addon version 8.9.7

3rd: restart Firefox; Goto Addons and Click Extensions in Left Menu.. then Click on more link of Imacros for firefox... Scroll down and turn off updates,

4th: Copy textnowReCaptcha.js to following directory C:\Users\Your User Name\Documents\iMacros\Macros directory for Windows PC and Home > iMacros > Macros directory for MAC PC

5th: Copy exampletextnow.csv to following directory, and open exampletextnow.csv add your Data.. C:\Users\UserName\Documents\iMacros\Datasources\ for Windows PC and Home > iMacros > Datasources directory for MAC PC

6th: Open Firefox and Press F8 or click on Imacros icon in Firefox icon bar, then click on textnowReCaptcha.js Then Click on Play Button. done...

7th: Set value for How many accounts data do you have in exampletextnow.csv?

8th: Recently Created phone numbers will be saved in myPhoneNumbers.csv in Downloads folder C:\Users\UserName\Documents\iMacros\Downloads for Windows or Home > iMacros > Downloads for Mac