Should I use one web server - Apache?


Will the speed drop dramatically if you abandon NGINX and use one web server - Apache? Instead of Apache + NGINX bundle? On a mid-range VPS, plain text site on WordPress?

Thank you all in advance for your answers!


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No problem.
You can set the apache mode apache event mpm and then you will have an analogue of nginx. The essence is the same.

Or apache prefork + FastCGI will give great results too.
The question is what is the reason for refusing nginx and can it be solved?
I have a simpler question, is it possible to use one web server instead of two, three. But whether it will be worse / better than in conjunction with NGINX, it may be the same in terms of performance, and I use two web servers, that's what I'm interested in.

I understand that this can probably all be redone, but WordPress entry point, 301 redirect redirect, Wordfence for pre-loading WAF, file / section locking and other settings in .htaccess.

And what would be my tragedy of abandoning NGINX. For example, if this is a loss of 50% of productivity, then I would say yes it is bad, but it may be about 1% or in general everything will work exactly the same.

And there is no refusal, everything works fine for me in this bundle, but there are some reflections when switching to a new VPS server, and whether two web servers are needed again and why not one.