SkyMacros || Bitcoins



The SkyMacros script is designed to collect bitcoins on sites called bitcoin faucets. What is Bitcoin Faucet? Initially, they were created in order to popularize the cryptocurrency, in particular - Bitcoin. These sites usually offered general information about the possibilities of cryptocurrency, making payments, and creating a wallet.

Enterprising website owners took this idea and saw Bitcoin faucets as a great opportunity to make money. It is enough to create a small website, run a script on it, place an advertisement, invest a small amount of money and share the income from displaying advertising with website visitors. Everyone is happy and everyone has an income!

SkyMacros is a so-called "bot" based on an add-on to Mozilla Firefox called iMacros. Using these scripts, you can automate any actions in the browser.

To start using SkyMacros, you need:
1. Create a bitcoin wallet. The easiest and fastest way is to register it on the blockchain website.

2. Register an email (it is advisable to use a separate mailbox so as not to clog your current one with various messages from bitcoin faucets).

3. Register on the Rucaptcha captcha recognition site (links to all sites on the public link panel). If you do not want to make any investments, you can earn a certain amount right on this site, which SkyMacros will spend on captcha recognition. If you are too lazy :) you can transfer there from WebMoney, for example.

4. Download the SkyMacros archive (all necessary files are included). Open the ReadMe.txt file and follow the instructions in the file. The latest version of SkyMacros will be attached to the latest post in the news feed.

5. Questions about installation and comments on the operation of the script can be left in public discussions or comments.

SkyMacros has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system