The SmmokInstaBot bot will help in a couple of clicks to automate the execution of all types of tasks related to the social network Instagram. This is perhaps the very first bot written for the Instagram component of the Smmok service. An excellent option for making real money on Smmok and paying the earned funds to the wallet in automatic mode.

What tasks does this bot perform? It performs two types of tasks: likes on photos and subscribes to pages. At the moment, this is the only active Instagram functionality, so only their program supports it.

To protect your Instagram account from blocking, it is possible to specify a proxy server, both with login and password authorization, and without it. As in any similar program, this will hide the real IP address of the user, thereby protecting his account from blocking by IP.

In addition to the proxy, the program provides two whole delays: a random delay between tasks and a delay between searching for new tasks. Due to the delay, the frequency of requests to the server decreases, and also more or less imitates human activity, which should increase the reliability of the program.

To recognize captcha and automate the earning process, the bot uses the RuCaptcha anti-captcha service.

So, why do we need this program? It is needed to fully automate all human actions when performing tasks related to Instagram on the Smmok service website. With the help of this program, you can renounce Smmok for the duration of its operation and go about your business while the program earns real money to your balance in automatic mode.

Beginning of work
To get started, the user only needs to specify his data from the social network Instagram, set the delay and proxy and click on the "Start" button. The program will do the rest on its own.

SmmokInstaBot has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system