SocialKit features:
- Work simultaneously with an unlimited number of accounts;
- 7500 non-stop subscriptions.
- 7500 unsubscriptions without stopping and freezing up to 0.
- Automatic publication of posts with marks of other users, publication of likes and comments.
- You can set any delays yourself and set a schedule.
- Powerful filtering system: 100% filtering from shops and bots, 99% accuracy when filtering by gender, forget about Arabs and male gender, when filtering to female, like in other programs!
- The history of all actions for all accounts is saved! There is no need to constantly expose settings and lists for work.
- Smart log file! You can call for each account separately, you can see only one error, and not all actions. You can save from the log file the IDs of users who could not subscribe to in one click and re-do the work on them.

- Thought out to the smallest detail a pleasant graphical interface with indication and timing.

There are so many chips in no other software on Instagram. Visit our website, register and download the demo. If you want to experience the full potential, then buy a license!

The main window of the program:
- Adding an unlimited number of accounts;
- Editing of each added account;
- Using a proxy (if required);
- Identification of non-working proxies;
- Free movement of accounts in the list by dragging and dropping;
- Updating information for the selected account or for all;
- Saving and restoring the list of accounts in the database;
- Import of accounts from a CSV file;
- Import of accounts from other programs;
- Display of changes by the number of subscribers during work;
- Display of changes by the number of subscriptions during work;
- Display of changes by the number of publications during work;
- Managing the schedule for each account after setting the task;
- Logging of all actions for each account independently;
- Quick jump to the desired log;
- Screening of errors in the log;
- Saving problematic accounts from the log;
- Saving and cleaning logs for each account;
- Ability to set a limit for each log file;
- Automatic update;
- Saving and restoring general settings;
- Saving and restoring the settings of all switches for each account independently;
- Control over the load on the system;
- Load distribution across processor cores for resource-intensive tasks;

SocialKit has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system