Solving Hcaptcha


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I am able to solve the Hcaptcha on "" correctly using this youtube video:
When I run the code using Visual Studio, the browser launches, the request goes to my captcha provider service ( , gets the JSON Token and applies the Token to the page. The END RESULT is the Hcaptcha is solved and a green check-mark appears (which earlier had a checkbox).

The problem with this solution is that puppeteer launches the browser, which will not work for me.
I will be launching the browser using Powershell with Selenium
I can also get the JSON Token from 2captcha using my version of code (powershell).
My problem is how do I apply the Token to "" to achieve the same END RESULT as mentioned above.
What JavaScript code can I run from within chrome dev tools that will do the same thing puppeteer does?
Is there a specific CallBack command that I can execute using JavaScript?
I noticed that puppeteer adds several components to the webpage. Are these functions? Do I need do the same?

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After spending 2 weeks trying to figure it out, I managed to use a provider on to get the correct code.