Spotlight for VKontakte



A tool for promoting on Vkontakte with the task of attracting live users instead of cheats, bots, offers.

Excellent conversion. Minimum bans
- Simultaneous work from multiple accounts, through an unlimited number of proxies
- Search, filtering and parsing of users (by criteria, from competing groups, friends of other users)
- Invite to friends
- Invitation to the group
- Sending messages
- Joining a group
- Invite from the group to a meeting
- Automatic (or delayed) posting
- Like
- Reposts
- Massliking
- Removing old outgoing tickets
- Statistics in your personal account on the site
- Captcha statistics

Features of work:
- Automatic calculation of intervals between actions in order to minimize bans. (but you can, if you wish, set the values yourself)
- Automatic tracking of limits, errors, captcha and limiting the activity of accounts if necessary.
- Emulation of the actions of an ordinary user.
- Assigning a proxy to a specific account
- Changing the user-agent for the account
- Search using any VKontakte criteria
- No binding to iron
- Recognition and verification of links
- Built-in browser with proxy support, multi sessions (several windows for different accounts, through configured proxies) and tabs

Spotlight for VKontakte has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha