The Position Monitoring System, Stat4Seo, is a tool for monitoring the position of own or positioned pages (customer pages) in search engines.
This system automatically checks the position of your websites every day and stores them in the database.

Polling for different language versions of Google:
The position can be checked in different language versions of the Google search engine:

Adding a page - selecting a search engine:

Create reports based on items:
The script also allows you to automatically generate a report for the client in 3 ways:

Flash table and chart:

PDF report with logotype:

CSV report:

Calculation of positioning costs:
When adding a phrase, you can define the price of the phrase for individual items, or rather item ranges (e.g. 1-5).
Two rates are currently possible - a daily rate and a monthly rate.

On their basis, the system will calculate the amount that the client is due for the positioning service in a given month / 3 months.
The report containing the amounts can be presented in two ways:


PDF report with cost estimate:

Proxy - no restrictions on the number of phrases:
Stat4Seo is equipped with a proxy mechanism.

In order to explain in detail the operation of this mechanism, I will first introduce the operation of the Position Monitoring System.
While checking the position of the pages, the script downloads and processes the result page by Google using appropriate functions and regular expressions.

Of course, Google is not in favor of such behavior because, to some extent, machine polling
burdens their resources with no benefit in the form of earnings from advertising.

If you have a lot of phrases to check every day, the search engine can block the IP of the server from which it is queried by the Position Monitoring script for an indefinite period of time (from several to several hours). Having an external server with a different IP than the one on which the Position Monitoring System operates, you can use it to query the search engine, which significantly reduces the risk of an IP ban with a large number of phrases.

If you want to use a proxy, just upload to any virtual server supporting php5 and cURL the file from the script's installation package and add the address to the file in the Stat4Seo panel.

Adding a proxy:

Additionally, in the Stat4Seo system, you can use HTTP Proxy in the IP: PORT (or IP: PORT: LOGIN: PASSWORD) format - we recommend private proxy , and connect the system with the API of external servers such as , thanks to such integration, the position monitor it will download new proxies completely automatically while blocking old ones that are not working.

Contact with the customer:
The Position Monitoring System has also been equipped with a private message system. It is located in the "News" tab.
The customer can only send a message to the Administrator. The administrator can send a message to any client,
or by using the "All clients" option, send a mass notification to all clients.

Send a message:

Invoicing System:
The system includes a module for issuing PDF invoices and creating Auto-Invoices.
The invoice system allows you to issue PDF invoices based on items and amounts from a selected time period (any).

Issuing an invoice - stage 1 - selecting pages / phrases and time range:

The Auto-Invoices module allows you to define automatic invoices that will be issued by the script on the selected day of the month based on the items and amounts from the set time interval. It is also possible to automatically send a PDF invoice document to the customer's e-mail address.
The entire system allows for a significant reduction in the work that has to be performed by the positioner.

Lista Auto-Faktur:

System installation and operation:
The installation of the Stat4Seo system is simple and does not take more than 5 minutes. At the client's request, I can do it for free on the FTP account indicated by him.
The system also comes with a PDF instruction manual. If, nevertheless, the Stat4Seo user needs help, you can always contact me or write to the closed Stat4Seo Position Monitoring System forum.

Server technical requirements:
  • - PHP5
  • - MySQL
  • - Crontab every 1 minute
  • - cURL module
  • - Biblioteka IonCube
  • - Fixed IP address of the server
Stat4Seo has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system