Submit webpage?

Mark Miller

2Captcha Engineer
Staff member
Hey guys,

lets say i use ANY captcha solver website and get the g reponse for this website: , how do i submit the webpage when there is no button? I got this issue on 2 sites already and im just stuck here...

The website just shows an example ReCaptcha implementation and nothing happens when you pass the challenge, so there's no way to submit a token here.
On real websites there are three main options:
  1. A button that submits the form. It can be a button with "action" parameter or a javascript event listener attached to an element. Anyway it results in a form submission with POST-request that contains a token.
  2. If there's nothing that submits a form there can be a callback function. It's a javascript code that is automatically executed when you finished passing the challenge. So you got to place the token into g-recaptcha-response and then execute the callback. In some cases you got to provide the token as function argument. Take a look on the section about callbacks in 2captcha API docs:
  3. In some cases, mostly with ReCaptcha V3 the token is passed directly from grecaptcha.execute call to another function that can perform token verification. It's a complex case and requires javascript injection or POST-request interception.