The main functions of the program:
- Both popular networks are supported: both VK and OK,
- There is an easy video instruction,
- The program works through a browser (the display of the browser on the screen can be turned off),
- It has a powerful group editor with highlighting of the searched words,
- Downloading lists of groups in various formats (Excel, txt, pasting in text),
- Autosave data without user intervention,
- Lists of groups with all information about the group (name, number of subscribers, title text, etc.)
- Backup of group lists in Excel,
- Ability to remove duplicate groups in different groups,
- Ability to "glue" several lists of groups into one list,
- Convenient group search supporting stop words,
- Simple interface similar to tabs, like in a browser,
- Unlimited number of accounts that can be added to the program (6-7 accounts can post at the same time),
- Support for manual captcha input,
- Support for the RuCapcha service,
- Randomization of the text of posts,
- Randomization of pictures,
- Simplified interface for beginners, and additional settings for experienced ones,
- Flexible timings for all actions,
- Automatic posting repetition after a specified time,
- Writing links to posted posts to the report.
- Detailed log of performed actions.
Our team will provide you with:
- We will promptly answer your questions,
- We will promptly solve the problems associated with the program.
- Let's tell you the principle of working with groups and posts.
- Timely update of the program (social networks are constantly changing),
- If required, we can install the program remotely via TeamViewer,
- When purchasing the program, a list of groups with the theme `` Announcements '' is issued for your city so that you can work without delay.

How to get:
  • We give 5 free days to test the program.
  • Discounts if the order is for more than a month.
  • Discounts for ordering multiple licenses.

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