Suspended account



My account is suspended, what can I do?
You should see the mistake and click “I've got the point” button after that you can continue working.

My account was suspended until moderation.
That means you were making too many mistakes too often. If you did that unintentionally please wait for 1-2 work days. Moderators check all the suspended users daily. They unblock those who made unintentional mistakes and issue bans for those who made mistakes deliberately.

I am blocked by a moderator.
That means that you made lots of deliberate mistakes. Such block will never be lifted from your account.

I entered the correct answer and was blocked, why?
Unfortunately this happens albeit very rarely. System makes mistakes. If you are blocked until moderation please wait 1-2 days and you will be unblocked.
Please unblock my account I made an honest mistake in a captcha.
Moderators check all suspended accounts daily and unblock all accounts, who made unintentional mistakes. Please don’t write to us about it. If you will insist in doing so your ability to communicate with the administration will be blocked.

I press “I understand” and remain blocked, why?
During the time you were browsing the suspension page our system has checked another captcha that you inputted incorrectly and suspended your account once again. Press “I understand” once again.

I am blocked until moderation, will it speed up the moderation if I write you about it?
No it will not. Moderators answer all the requests first and only then check suspended workers. For the “check me faster” kind of ticket moderator can put you to the end of the queue.