Synchronization and uploading to Avito for CMS Shop Script



The module allows you to upload your products to the Avito service in automatic mode (with the frequency that you need, for example, one ad per hour). The module can also post your ads at the end of the term of their placement - thus, without the participation of manpower, you can regularly upload all selected products to the Avito service. This site is one of the largest in Russia. The module allows you to change part of the description text, part is generated automatically (for example, a description is generated in the text about the name of your store, the item number is indicated, etc.). Recognition of the captcha picture (captcha) is also done in automatic mode.

The module will unload your goods, regardless of whether you have a paid or free account on Avito (there is also no difference between an individual or a company)

For an additional fee, you can customize the generation of descriptions (if you do not want to download the description of goods from the admin panel of your store) according to your needs (cost on average +1500 rubles) based on derived data or characteristics of goods

There is support for proxy servers (changing the IP address of the module that uploads the goods to Avito)

The module has the ability to select for EACH category where to upload them to the Avito service (this is not transferred to a subcategory, you need to set each category separately) taking into account SUBCATEGIES - this way your product will be exactly in the required section

Synchronization and uploading to Avito for CMS Shop Script has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system