T@rgetok is a service that offers to place posts on your pages that will be of interest to your friends. This is not a service of the level "litter your page with links for 5 kopecks", T@rgetok analyzes your page and the pages of your friends and, based on the profile of your friends, offers you advertising and estimates the cost of publication also based on your profile and the profile of your friends. Those. for the same post, you and your friend will receive different rewards. The cost for one publication can go up to 100 rubles, but on average it will be around 10-30 rubles if you have about 100 real, live friends. If there are only bots and virtuals among your friends, then your posts will be paid at a very low rate, and you will not be particularly offered tasks.

Important! T@rgetok tasks are tasks from a third party. In case of any problems - you need to write to them (access to their support will be in the next step). The funds earned on T@rgetok are credited to your RuCaptcha.com balance automatically.

To work on tasks from T@rgetok follow the link - http://rucaptcha.com/a/targetok