The Termidroid program is an effective means of manipulating the behavioral factor in order to boost the behavioral factor to a higher level than that of competitors. The cheat of behavioral factors occurs programmatically, in accordance with your plan for the number of visits for specific requests, in the ranges of time you have been on the site, in the depths of views specified by you. Yandex metric defines each visit made by Thermidroid as a new user - due to fine-tuning of anonymity - 5 browsers, emulation of fingerprints, substitution of IP addresses (it is recommended to use dynamic mobile proxies from Airsocks or proxy.promo - for a 5% discount (on proxy.promo ) use the promo code - vipvodu), emulation of mouse movement along unique curved paths, page scrolling.

Features and capabilities:
1. emulation of many versions of browsers
2. Fingerprint emulation
3. Substitution of IP addresses
4. transfers from Yandex (with the choice of the issuing region)
5. links from Google
6. transfers from external links
7. direct calls
8. unique emulation of behavior (mouse movements and page scrolling, highlighting on pages, filling out forms on pages)
9. views youtube video on the site page
10. adjustable site browsing depth

Termidroid has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com