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Text captchas are one of the most common ways to protect websites from automated bots and spammers. They are used to make sure that a person, and not a program, is trying to access protected information.

Captcha is short for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". Initially, captchas were created to protect against automatic software attacks such as DDoS attacks and spam mailings. However, with the development of technology, their use has become common on other web resources.

Text captchas consist of a set of characters that the user must enter in a special field. These characters can be represented in different formats: letters, numbers, special characters, or a combination of both.

One of the main reasons for using text captchas is to protect against automated software attacks. Such attacks can be used to bulk register accounts, send spam, or gain unauthorized access to protected information. Captchas can also be used to protect sites from password cracking attempts, which is especially important for sites that store sensitive information such as user data or financial information.

In addition, text captchas can be used to prevent the creation of fake accounts. For example, some sites may require users to complete a captcha upon registration to ensure that account creation is done by a human and not by an automated program.

Although text captchas are an effective way to protect websites from automated software attacks, they can also cause inconvenience to users. For example, text captchas can be difficult to read, especially for visually impaired people. In addition, some captchas may be too complex or contain incomprehensible characters, which may lead to the need to re-enter or even denial of access to protected information.

To solve these problems, more advanced types of captchas can be used, such as audio captchas, which allow the user to listen to an audio recording and enter the corresponding characters, or image-based captchas, which require the user to select an image that matches a certain description.

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