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2Captcha team
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We at 2Captcha decided to start this "pay for solution" practice as we have no human resources to find solutions for everyone's needs.

What we propose
If you are skilled enough to help community with tasks presented in this sub-forum, you can be payed for your skills.

We will make a post presenting a website customers asks a solutions for. What you need is to provide a way to automate a submission of solution provided by API and publish it in that post.
API description could be found here:
An algorithm for sending a token from 2Captcha is required, in which the site will accept it.

How can you get a reward
The reward is credited to account of the person who first published the working solution for this problem. When your solution is tested, you should write us a personal message indicating your account name. Upon receiving the reward, it will be possible to withdraw it to a personal wallet using several payment options listed here:
Not open for further replies.