TOP-3 Position checkers using


1. TopSite
TopSite is a program for collecting keywords through Yandex wordstat and determining site positions in the search engines Yandex, Google and Mail. In clustering mode, automatic grouping of keywords is available.

You can install the program using the installer and it will be launched at system startup in a minimized state. Or you can burn the portable version to a USB flash drive and carry it with you. The program runs on Windows and Linux via Wine.

The TopSite program can check the positions of sites in Yandex both through search results and through XML, in Google and Search. The collection of positions can be performed automatically on a schedule without your participation. The program supports captcha recognition services, automatic registration of IP addresses in the Yandex XML interface, and can disable personal Yandex search when checking positions.

The collection of positions can be carried out on several domains at once, collecting the frequency of requests and data on competitors. TopSite supports multithreading and parallel checking of many groups of queries in random order.

2. serposcope

* Tracking of an unlimited amout of keywords and websites.
* Automatically track competitors : Serposcope store the whole SERP, you can retrieve the ranking history of your competitors for every keywords you track.
* Geotargeting : simulate a search from a specific city or country.
* Customize the search parameters : number of results, number of pages, custom URL parameters...
* Support for mobile or desktop search result.
* Manage users and groups : create a user and restrict him to a set of keywords.
* Run on a desktop computer or on a dedicated server.
* Cross platform : available on Linux, Mac and Windows.
* Support for HTTP and SOCKS proxy. Also support ip failover.
* Break captcha via API

3. Semonitor

Semonitor is a website promotion program. It consists of a set of utilities covering various aspects of the optimization and promotion process. The solutions we offer are easy to use and are successfully applied by both professionals and novice webmasters.

Using the Semonitor program allows you to automate the process of website promotion, which provides significant time savings when working on a project, and also allows you to achieve better results. Checking the most diverse information from search engines - from positions to the link profile of competitors and drawing up a semantic core - helps to develop the correct and correct strategy for website promotion from the very beginning.