TOP Significant names in the history of the creation and development of captchas


1. Louis von Anhaus
Louis von Anhaus is considered one of the founders of the CAPTCHA technology. In 2000, he developed and proposed captcha as a way to separate robots from people on the Internet. His research and ideas became the starting point for the subsequent development of captchas around the world.

2. Armand Ayrein, Guillaume Alus, Manuel Bloom
These three scientists from Carnegie Mellon University developed the first public captcha in 2000, known as CAPTCHA. They proposed using distorted and twisted letters to create a test that was supposed to be difficult for computers but easy for humans.

3. Vincent Louffier
In 2003, Vincent Louffier developed and introduced the concept of reverse captcha, which allows people to use the time spent resolving and typing captchas to solve tasks that computers can hardly perform. This made it possible to use the efforts of people as resources for solving complex problems.

4. Louis von Ahn
Louis von Ahn is considered one of the leading captcha researchers and developers. He made a significant contribution to the further development and improvement of captcha technology.

Each of these individuals contributed unique ideas and innovations to help create more robust and effective anti-robotic systems on the Internet.

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